“Bleach Cream”

“Main Purpose”

“Wash area to be bleached with soap and coal water, dry with spatula, measure about one
quarter teaspoon power and place on tray. Clean spatula. Measure about one-half teaspoon
cream. Blend power and cream well. Apply mixture with spatula covering hair completely.
Keep mixture on hair for about 15 minutes, remove with spatula. If hair is not completely
bleached reapply the mixture for Another 10 minutes.
If your skin is sensitive, remove the mixture with spatula and wash with cool water. Add more
cream and reapply to hair when hair is bleached wash with cold water. Alisha Bleach cream
leaves skin smooth, hair plate and soft for bleaching. Brows follow same direction and do not
permit mixture to fall into eyes

”Product weight: ““500ml””

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